In 2006 Motta spins off its Nintendo division to form Juegos de Video Latinoamerica (JVLAT) as the exclusive distributor of Nintendo in Latin America which had to expand operations, efficiencies, and customer service throughout the region.

JVLAT headquarters are located in Panama City, and has subsidiaries in Mexico City, Bogot√°, Sao Paulo, Santiago and Lima.

Knowing the importance of delivery and service, JVLAT has a distribution warehouse in Miami, Florida.

JVLAT’s mission is to connect global brands with Latin America through key distribution channels in the region.

JVLAT’s vision is to be the preferred choice of our trading partners by creating value through our distribution network, marketing and sales experience, local presence in each country and highly committed human talent.

In 2015 JVLat became partners with GameStop (NYSE:GME) in order to broaden the scope of gaming products and to benefit from each other’s unique geographical and commercial expertise.