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Why join us?


A family history of effort that translates into success.


Our people are the most important asset we possess.


We represent the best luxury brands.


Improving the quality of life of our communities.


Over 70 years of experience in the region.

Level Oportunities

Career Areas


Distribution and brand development in local and international markets.


Luxury boutique chains in local markets within the region.

Duty Free

Tax-free operations at major airports and borders in the region.


Customer portfolio management of all categories, duty-free, and local markets (perfumery and accessories).


Specialized area in the development of brand promotion strategies and positioning of brands and our businesses.


Management of processes related to the supply chain to ensure efficient distribution.

Human Resources

Human talent management aimed at adding value to each business unit.


Focused on IT developments to improve efficiency, security, and innovation within the organization.

Finance and Acounting

Responsible for efficient management and handling of economic resource procurement policy.

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About Us

Grupo Motta assumes its Corporate Social Responsibility in the way business is done. In all our relationships, there is a faithful commitment to sustainable management of our environment and employees, as well as the execution of good practices with our stakeholders.


Our corporate values ​​are the model that guides our actions; Our People make the difference, we promote profitable and sustainable business management, We develop lasting agreements and relationships with our customers, suppliers, and collaborators, which allow for a sustainable and profitable business.

Integrity governs our actions in everything we do and in our relationships; we drive the business with strategic alliances with clients and suppliers; Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to continuously seek new opportunities.


We are committed to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate, following the principles of good corporate governance, faithfully respecting the legislation that governs our type of business; ethics and transparency are the guiding principles of our actions in all decisions and business relationships we make with our clients, suppliers, collaborators, and affiliates.

Leadership & Development

We develop programs focused on the well-being, integration, and recognition of our collaborators, favoring initiatives in education, health, culture, environment, and decent housing, contributing to organizations we support in providing tools to improve the quality of life of high-risk communities.