In 2006 Motta spins off its Nintendo division to form Juegos de Video Latinoamerica (JVL) as the exclusive distributor of Nintendo in Latin America which had to expand operations, efficiencies, and customer service throughout the region.

Express Distributors Inc. is a company which offers world-class logistics solutions.
Created in 1978 as a subsidiary of the Motta Group, it stands out today for its personalized service and adaptability to meet all of its clients’ needs.

EUROBOUTIQUES COLOMBIA S.A. established in 2009, commercializes luxury brands such as Cartier, Longchamps as well as Cross and Sheaffer Writing Instruments. As an example of enduring hard work Cross Writing Instruments partners with mayor local distributors in Colombia’s most important cities.

Carisam, established in the 1930’s, became part of the Motta Group in 2001. 
This company supplies beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, cigars, water, and non-alcoholic beverages principally to the Cruise ship industry.

There are no middle men. Directly from manufacturers, to you, our customers!

Today, the company services majority of the global cruise vessels, cargo ships and the diplomatic corps based in the USA.

Carisam partners with some of the best and exclusive companies from around the world. Partner brands represent various…

Centrolum was born from Motta´s interest in diversifying in new areas.

We believe Lighting has an impact in design which is why we consult, develop, and carry out the design of projects ranging from homes to the most complex architectural structures.

We count with the best brands in the lighting industry to ensure our clients are satisfied with the results of our designs.

Centrolum manufactures and distributes their own lighting products.

Since 1996, the exclusive distributor for Diageo brands in